We are ‘ask a hag’


‘Ask A Hag’ is an advice podcast about self-care and witchcraft in the modern world. This podcast is a place where people ask questions and the Hags provide helpful answers using their knowledge as healers and witches.

This program is driven by you, our magickal listeners!

Click on the “ASK A QUESTION” link and ask the Hags anything you’d like to know.

Meet the Hags:

Leslie McAllister is the owner of Juju, a metaphysical lifestyle shop located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a witch, tarot reader, and reiki master who specializes in gem medicine and practical magick.

Alison Garber of Native Apothecary, is a hedgewitch and ancestral herbalist who is dedicated to waking the witch within by cultivating a deep connection with the wild landscape.


Ask A Hag podcast is produced by Donna Kyler